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A luge is a sled, and has nothing to do with Fencing.

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Q: What are the four types of luges in fencing?
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What is the sword called in fencing four letter word?

3 types of swords sabre, foil, epee

How many types of fencing the sport are there?

There are three types of fencing, involving three different weapons: Epee, Foil, and Sabre.

What are some of the different types of wood used for making fences?

Some of the different types of wood used for making fences are: Split-rail wood fences, Picket-style fencing, lattice fencing, Pine wood fencing

What are the three types of fencing?

Foil, Epee, and Saber

Types and prices available for fencing?

There are numerous types of fencing and their prices will vary. The better the quality the higher the prices. It is best to check a local store near your area for prices.

When was fencing introduced into the Olympics?

Fencing is one of only four sports that has been in every Modern Olympics since their beginning.

What are the four types of farm fencing that are useful in securing a farm?

Fencing around your farm protects your farm from intruders, and wildlife. Here are the mostly used farm fences. Woven wire fence - These fences can be manufactured and installed in various sizes based on the size of the livestock. This fence is also used for keeping pests and predators away from livestock. Electric fencing - This kind of fencing are mostly used for containing livestock. Electric fencing is commonly used as an added security feature in combination the installation of other fences. Barbed wire - Barbed wire fencing is a proven choice when you need a long lasting, tough fencing. These are the commonly used farm fencing. For all your fencing needs you can also visit ""

Does vinyl fencing require any maintenance at all?

With all fencing there are some maintenance that is involved due to the wear of the fence. Vinyl fencing does require less maintance then the other types of fences.

What is a fencing blade?

There are three types of fencing swords each with different rules : Foil, Eppe and Sabre. The blade of a foil is called a "Foil blade"The blade of an eppe is called an "Eppe Blade"Etc

How do you spell fencing?

You spelled fencing correctly. Example: The neighbor agreed to buy new fencing after backing his car into the original fence.Both terms are spelled fencing (dueling with swords, or various types of fences).

What are the different types of fencing?

Every institution requires a different type of security fence to meet certain needs. There are various types of security fences. They are electric fence, acoustic fence, timber fence and color-bond Fencing. The security fencing is fixed as per the individual requirements and security needs.

What is the maxcimam allowable distance between two spirals of the concertina fencing for a four feet dimater spiral?

What is the maxcimam allowable distence between two spirals of the concertina fencing for a four feet dimater spiral?