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Q: What are the four major types of synarthrotic joints?
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What are the four types of morable joints?

The four types of movable joints are hinge joints (e.g., knee), pivot joints (e.g., neck), ball and socket joints (e.g., shoulder), and ellipsoidal joints (e.g., wrist).

What are four types of moveAble joints .?

The four types of the movable joints are the ball and socket joint, hinge joint, pivot joint, and gliding joint.

What are that two kinds of joints in the body?

There are two general types of joints, movable and immovable. Under the movable category there are four types of joints: Hinge joints: in knees and elbows Pivot joints: in neck Gliding joints: in wrists and ankles Ball-and-socket joints: in shoulders and hips

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What are the four joints of the skeletal system?

ball and socket, hinge, plane, and pivot. glad I could help! :) There are alot more than 4 actual joints in the human body. Ther are 6 synovial articualtion types including the above an condyloid and double saddle joints. There are 3 joint types, synovial, cartilagneous and fibrous.

What are the types of rotary joints?

There are four main types of rotary joints. They are: proximal radioulnar joint, distal radioulnar joint, median atlanto-axial joint, and the head. These joints only promote rotation as opposed to all directions of movement.

What are the four major uses for water by the body?

Four major uses for water by the body are: to carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, to regulate body temperature, to lubricate joints, and to moisten tissues.

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There are four major types of discourse. These major types of discourse include argumentation, narration, description, as well as an exposition.

Four seeage disposal?

There are four major types of sewage disposal systems. The septic tank, the domestic sewer, the storm sewer, and the sanitary sewer are the major types.

Where are the four types of joints are they located?

Ball and socket- shoulder Hinge- knee and finger Pivot- elbow Gliding-

What are 3 joints?

ball & socket joint , gliding joint , hinge joint

What would happen if the joint between your arm and shoulder was not a ball and socket joint?

If the joint between your arm and shoulder was not a ball and socket joint, you could not be able to move your arm. Ball and socket joints allow you to move in most directions. Because of this, you can move your arm up, down, side to side, front and back, and around in a circle. The ball and socket joint is one of the four major kinds of movable joints. (The four major joints are ball and socket joints, gliding joints, hinge joints, and pivotal joints in case you didn't know.)