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theres the center, 2 receivers, 2 halfbacks, and a quarterback

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Q: What are the flag football positions?
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What are 7 positions in flag football?

Flag football is a fun game that allows people to enjoy the thrill of the game without the dangers of tackling. The positions in the game are quarterback, halfback or running back, wide receiver, offensive linemen, center, pass rushers, and defensive backs.

Flag football rules vs tackle football rules?

In flag football their is a flag if you tackle.

What are the names of the different football positions in arena football?

The positions in Arena Football are the same in NFL football

Is there A diagram of offensive football positions?

No there is not a diagram of offensive football positions. There are just the names of the offensive positions!

Where did flag football come from?

flag football came from canadian and american football

Can you tackle in flag football?

If you tackle in flag football it is a penalty.

What is a game developed in Africa?

flag football flag football

What is the position in flag football that is responsible for passing the football?

A few of the positions pass the ball but the biggest would be the quarterback. The quarterback passes the ball to a linemen, and is the first throw of the game!

A type of football game that does not involve tackling?

Flag football or touch football

Can you shield your flag in flag football?

it is called flag guarding and no you can not guard your flags with your hands or the football.

How is class flag football different from nfl?

There is no tackle in flag football

How are downs marked in flag football?

How are downs marked in flag football?

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