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Q: What are the five ways you can be eliminated from the dodge ball game?
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How do you draw DODGE?

Try drawing a dodge ball game ND HAVE SOMEONE dodging a ball

Why is dodgeball called dodgeball?

because in the game you have to dodge ball so not get hit and that is why it is called dodge ball :).

What do dodge-ball players think about in the game?

powning nubes

How many people can play in a game of tetherball?

Tether ball is a two player game only. Once a player is eliminated then someone else can join in the fun.

In the best game ever total drama action were is the dodge ball?

in the southern city

How do you play dodge ball in wizards of Waverly place?

well, first you have to join a dodge ball team or clubHere are the easy steps on how to play dodgeball;1)you run to the line where the dodge balls are positioned the you take the ball back to the wall.2) you throw the ball to what ever person you want to get out .3)when you have threw the ball you have to dodge to make curtain that you will not get out.4)If you catch the ball one of your team players goes back into the game.5)when you try to get the ball of the opposing side you have to watch out because they might hit you with the ball and get you out of the game until someone catches you back in.

Is dodge ball the same baseball?

Dodge ball and nation ball have some serious differences. These differences make nation ball 10 times the game, at least. In nation ball when you get hit by an opponents ball or your opponent catches a ball that you have thrown, you are out. Instead of just sitting out the rest of the game, in nation ball you go to "jail". I personally have only played this game in a gym set up with a white line about 3 feet away from the out of bounds line. Between the back wall and this white line is the jail. When you get out you immediately go to jail. In jail if someone from your team throws you a ball and you catch it you are out. This is what makes nation ball a higher class game than dodge ball. *Note* To make nation ball even more fun include smaller and harder balls in the game along with the standard kick ball/dodge ball balls. This results in faster moving balls, more pain, and of course, more fun.

Where is the dodge ball in the total drama action game?

You can find the dodgeball in Northeastern city, I believe.

What the five rules of the game of handball?

The Five Rules of Handball are: A player is NOT allowed . . . To endanger an opponent with the ball. To pull, hit or punch the ball out of the hands of an opponent. To contact the ball below the knee. To dive on the floor for a rolling or stationary ball.

What are the original rules of dodge ball?

well in the U.S the original/popular rules are- 6V6 split court 6 8.5 inch rubber play ground balls ball is live until it hits wall/floor (you can catch it off a player and keep them in and opposing player who threw is out. You can catch off a deflected ball and get opposing throwing player out) Catch brings in one player and throwing player is out game played until all players on one side are eliminated

Ga ga ball?

Gagaball is a variation on dodgeball. The ball is either rolled or thrown no higher than knee level, if it hits you you're out. If you catch a ball that is thrown higher than knee level, you become the thrower. Throughout the game, a call of "Jailbreak!" invites all eliminated players back into the game.

When was the game of dodgeball created and what was used for balls?

the game dodge-ball was created back in the day..... i mean a long long long time ago.. .by and Chinese group... and the dodge-balls never started off as ball.... the were human heads of people they did not like...... so they were used to scare the towns people when they would throw them