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The five steps are as follows:

1. Face your feet and shoulders towards the basket. The hardest shots are those that occur while fading away (going away from the basket) or moving to the side. When shooting a Basketball, especially when open, make sure that your body is facing towards the basket. The difference is huge.

2. Cock your wrist and elbow and put your non-shooting hand on the side of the ball to guide it. Your wrist should be parallel to the ground when shooting the ball and your elbow should be facing the basket.

3. Bend your knees and jump. If you do not bend your knees, you will not have the left on your shot. Jumping too high, however, could result in your shooting percentage decreasing as you age or get injured.

4. Flick the wrist towards the basket (the one with the ball) and release at the height of the jump. If you do not release at the pinnacle (highest point) of your jump, the shot will be altered in angle. If you are fading away or moving towards the side, try to position your body in mid-air towards the basket. The slightest angle could set your shot off.

5. Follow through on your shot.One of the key problems with shooters is that they fail to follow through on their shot. When the ball is released, keep your momentum going and continue your hand's path towards the floor after you release it.

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Q: What are the five steps in shooting a basketball?
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