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The 5 Olympics events in Badminton are men singles,women single,women double,men double and mixed double.

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Q: What are the five olympic events in badminton?
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When was badminton considered an olympic game?

Badminton was first played at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, all five events (mens and womenas singles and doubles, plus mixed doubles) were played.

In which olympic sport are all events open to men women?


Is badminton a Olympic game?

Yes,badminton is an olympic game.

How long has Badminton been in the Summer Olympic Games?

Badminton became an Olympic sport in 1992.

5 of the Olympic summer sports?

Five examples of Olympic Summer Sports include: - Fencing - Volleyball - Badminton - Water Polo - Equestrian

What country has the most olympic gold metals for badminton?

china has dominated the badminton olympic table for the longest time.

Is table tennis racquetball or badminton not an Olympic sport?

Table Tennis and Badminton are Olympic sports. Racquetball, however, is not.

Are there any differences between badminton and olympic badminton?

none whatsoever

What sport was the combination of five events in the first olympic games?


Who uses a shuttlecock in the Olympic Games?

People who play badminton. Badminton was demonstrated in 1972, but became an Olympic sport in 1992.

How many events are there in the olympic decatyhlon?

"Deca" means "ten" so in the Olympic Decathlon there are 10 events. Similarly "penta" means "five" so a Pentathlon has 5 events.

What are all the events at olympic games?

cycling,golf,skating,tennis, canoe kayak,athletics swimming,football,badminton,taekwndo

How many Olympic sports have been in the past five Olympics?

103 events

When was badminton first introduced to the olympic games?

badminton was first introduced into the olympics in 1924

When did badminton become an Olympic sport?

Badminton became an Olymic sport on 1992 in Barcelona.

Which is not an Olympic sport racquetball table tennis badminton?

Racquetball is not an Olympic sport.

Athletic events in the olympics?


Is there an olympic sport that men and women compete against each other?

All equestrian events (dressage, eventing, jumping) and mixed doubles badminton.

How many olympic medals does Canada have in badminton?


Which olympic event do men and women compete together?

Men and women compete together in equestrian events, mixed doubles (tennis, badminton, table tennis).

What were the first five events in the ancient Olympic games?

Running, wrestlling, boxing, pankration, pentathalon.

How many events are there in the Olympic decathlon?

There are ten events in olympic decathlon

How can you meet a olympic badminton champion?

The easiest being going in to the badminton stadium to support the badminton players before the champions are being confirmed and attain championship.

When did badmiton become an official olympic sports?

Badminton became an official Olympic sport 1992 in Barcelona.

Which racket sport made its debut at the 1992 olympic games?