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soccer,Rugby,hockey,Golf and net ball

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Q: What are the five most participated sports in nz?
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What are the most popular sports in nz?

netball ,soccer,cricket and rugby.

What are the two sports popular in NZ?

New Zealand's most popular Sports include Rugby Union,Cricket and Netball

How many nz planes were in World War I?

yes because we participated in the world war

What does all black mean to New Zealand?

All Blacks are NZ national rugby union football team This is one of the most popular sports in NZ

What 2 sports are popular in NZ?

Rugby and Netball

What percentage of nz schools have swimming sports?


What sports are nz competing in the 2012 Olympics?

There 184 Athletes are competing in 16 sports

Who invented the amphibious sports car nz?

Alan gibbs

What sports did NZ compete in at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games?


What are the names of the 2 sports that New Zealand has won gold medals in the past?

NZ Sevens Team, NZ Silver Ferns

What is the most common job in NZ?

the most common jobin nz is a mc donalds worker

What sports are nz best at?

The sport that New Zealand is best at is mostly rugby

What is the most easterly city in nz?

The most easterly city in NZ is Gisborne in the north island with a population of 33,000.

Who is the popular NZ rugby player who wouldn't play sports on Sunday?

Michael Jones.

Are sports events allowed on anzac day NZ?

After 1pm and % of monies go to rsa

Where does NZ get most of its imports from?


When did Maori become a language in NZ?

Maori were the first people that came to NZ which is basicly why it is a language in NZ. most of NZ's history involves the Maori, such as the treaty of waitangi

Migrants to nz as gum diggers?

Gum-digging was a trade in which migrants of many nationalities participated (as well as Maori) but Dalmations from Croatia were particularly prominent.

Who is the best first five in the world?

Daniel Carter - NZ All Black

Famous NZ farm animal?

The most famouse nz farm animal is probably the cow.

What Olympic sports or events is New Zealand not entering?

nz is not competing in running or high jump

The most western city in nz?


What is the most southern city in NZ?


What is NZ most popular meat?


Which river has the most water in nz?

The Clutha