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The Final Four are the last standing teams of March Madness in either NBA or NCAA Basketball. There are two final games involving the Final Four, two games involving two of the Final Four teams. The two teams that win each of the Final Four games move on to the National Championship, the final game of the season (for NCAA).

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Q: What are the final four of the March Madness?
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When does Final four basketball start?

Final Four basketball starts right after March Madness. The Final Four will start in late March to early April.

Where is the NCAA March Madness Final Four 2013?


How do you get into the final four?

By making to the last four teams in the NCAA March Madness tournament

What is highest seed to make it in final four for March Madness?


What schools in the March Madness final four is the oldest state university in the US?

Its the Tar Heels

How many times has Ohio state been in the final four?

Every Year that March Madness has been on

What were the teams in the Final Four of March Madness in 2009?

North Carolina, Michigan St, Villanova, Connecticut.

What day does March Madness final four begin?

First game is on April 2nd. Second game of the final four in 2010 is April 4th. At least that is what is planned.

In what sport might a team become one of th Final Four?

The Final Four is present in college basketball. The March madness tournament consists of 65 teams then gets down to 64 teams, then to 32 then to 16 then to 8 then to 4. Those last four teams are considered the final four and are in the semi finals for the title of national champion of college basketball for that year. This year the final four is going to be played in Detroit, and while march madness is going on, soon enough there will be only four teams left, known as the final four.

What are the Sweet Sixteen in March Madness?

The sixteen teams left in the tournament. Followed by the elite eight, final four and championship.

Has vcu ever won an ncaa March Madness game?

Vcu actually made the final four last year

When is the final game of March Madness 2010?


Who are the final 2 teams in ncaa March Madness 2013?

Michigan and Louisville

What teams are expected to play in the NCAA final four in 2008?

The Final Four teams in the 2008 NCAA March Madness tournament were UCLA, Memphis, Kansas, and North Carolina. Kansas went on to win the tournament.

How far has Florida state been in the NCAA tournament?

The furthest Florida State has gone in March Madness was the championship game in 1972. They lost to UCLA, 81-76. Through the 2008 March Madness, this has been their only final four appearance.

How many times have the Syracuse orangemen been in the final four?

Through March Madness 2008, Syracuse had made the final four 4 times: 2003, 1996, 1987, 1975 Syracuse was the national championship in 2003.

How many times has Missouri university mens basketball team been to the final 4?

Thorugh March Madness 2008, the University of Missouri has never been to a men's final four.

When is the final March Madness game played in 2011?

April 4, 2011

When is March Madness over?

It usually ends at the end of March, this year the final game is Monday, April 7th.

Is 'March Madness' copyrighted?

The phrase "March Madness" is a registered trademark of the March Madness Athletic Association.

Final four appearances FOR UNIV OF Michigan?

As of March Madness 2008, Michigan has been to the Final Four 6 times: 1964, 1965, 1976, 1989, 1992, 1993 Michigan won the championship in 1989 and had the 1992 and 1993 Final Four appearances stripped from them due to using players that were ultimately found to be ineligible.

When is the ncaa basketball championship?

The Final Four will be held April 3 and 5, 2010 in Indianapolis. See related links for a schedule of March Madness.

What is the name the committee picks the final 65 teams in March Madness?

the selection committee

Copyright March madness?

March Madness is copyrighted:

Are you a March Madness fan?

Yes, I am a huge March Madness fan. I look forward to March Madness every year.