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Q: What are the fear of signing documents?
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What is the phobia name for fear of signing papers?

huh? oh, I know this one...the phobia for fear is fear itself. and the fear of signing papers is called being smart or dopainephoibiaenphobia.

Is Obama right handed?

no, when he was signing some documents he used his left hand

Name used for signing documents by the Irish republican army?

P O'Neill

Based on what you read in Tongue-Tied in what way did the Chinese students' parents most likely experience language exclusion at their children's school?

They were not accustomed to signing documents, which were common in American schools.

A notary works for an employer that prepare documents that need to be notarized. Can the notary prepare the documents as well and still notarize them?

No, a notary public cannot prepare or draft the documents that they will later notarize. It is considered a conflict of interest and goes against the ethical responsibilities of a notary. Their role is to verify the identity of the individuals signing the documents and ensure that the signing process is conducted legally.

What phobia is the fear of signing papers?

you needuh go to a mental hospital or som'n ckos your weird & have no life.BITCH.

What date did Obama begin signing documents as President?

Most likely on his first day in office, January 20, 2009.

Can a notary signing agent make changes to loan documents?

No ... they can only verify that the signatures are true and valid - nothing else.

What are the responsibilities of the Minister of Finance?

Basically signing documents about which he doesn't have a clue.The minister of finance controls the cash money in a certain country.

What should I know about rent to own homes before signing the documents?

Rent to own home come with some stipulations. The contract should be read thouroughly to make sure all terms are agreed upon before signing.

Do you have to sign divorce papers if financial settlement not agreed yet?

ABBA has a song "And vinner takes the all" the crucial part of which is the necessity for a woman to accept handshaking with her former husband. The signing some documents implies the handshaking. (Can be signing without handshaking but not handshaking without the signing.)

Your friend got married using his alias is his marriage legal?

No, an alias name is not legal for the signing of any documents and that includes a marriage certificate.