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Equipment required in softball includes a ball, a bat, gloves, uniforms and protective gear, including helmets for the offensive team and a helmet, shin guards, and chest protector for the defensive catcher. ;)

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A helmet, bat, glove, batting gloves, and if you need one, catchers equipment

For softball, when playing in a community league, it only requires you to have your own mitt for catching.

A: All of the equipment required for softball is, well, a ball, a bat, a mitt, a batting helmet, and if you are a catcher, you need the shin guards, chest guard, and face mask. You also need cleats, a team jersey, long socks, sliding shorts, and softball pants.

Not required equipment (totally optional, but recommended) are the batting gloves.

A: Equipment required in softball includes a ball, a bat, gloves, uniforms and protective gear, including helmets for the offensive team and a helmet, shin guards, and chest protector for the defensive catcher.

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the equipment used in softball is a mitt is used to catch the ball, the bat is used to hit the ball, the bases are to run and be called safe or out, the helmet is to protect your head, the mouth guard is to protect your face if you were to have braces!, the cleets are used to run and run faster!, the bag is to keep your stuff in!

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Miller Park, a unique, combined Baseball-softball facility, is the home of BYU baseball and softball. Baseball plays on Larry H. Miller Field, while softball calls Gail Miller Field, a back-to-back mirror image of the pre-existing baseball field, home. It is the first combined facility of its kind.

Miller Park's blend of engineering ingenuity and scenic beauty are a favorite of baseball aficionados-and not just Cougar fans. Larry H. Miller Field at Miller Park was featured in February of the 2002 Great Parks Calendar provided by Baseball America. It was also among the featured facilities in the October 2001 Athletics Administration magazine.


Larry H. Miller Field seats 2,204 fans in two-tiered permanent seating for baseball, 675 of which are in the lower bowl and 500 of which are under the canopy. Gail Miller Field has 2,100 chair seats all in the lower bowl, making it the fourth-largest on-campus NCAA softball facility.

The shared press box houses radio and TV broadcasts and seating for print media and game-day operations. There are separate locker rooms for visitors and Cougar clubhouses for both softball and baseball. The complex includes concession stands, a memorabilia mezzanine, handicapped seating, an elevator, an umpire room, a hosting facility, an equipment room, an athletic training room, double-wide indoor batting cages and coaches' offices. Both fields are lighted.

The softball scoreboard is located in right field, while the baseball scoreboard, donated by Bill and Linda Perry, is located in left field. The spire-accented, tensile roof is constructed from a Teflon fabric pulled taut by cables, similar to the design of the Denver International Airport.


The baseball outfield fences are 400 feet in center, 385 feet in the power alleys and 345 feet down the lines. The softball field dimensions are 210 feet down the left-and right-field lines and 220 feet in center field.

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Q: What are the facilities and equipment used in softball?
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