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in cricket the extras are extra runs conceded by the fielding/Bowling team, extras are runs such as wides, no-balls, and leg byes.

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Q: What are the extras in cricket?
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What is the most extras given in a cricket test series?


What are sundries in cricket?

They runs that comes under extras were called sundries.

How many balls would be bowled in 5 overs in a cricket game?

If there are no extras, then only 30 balls will be bowled. If there are extras, more balls will be bowled depending on the number of extras.

In the cricket world cup which team has given the highest extras in one match?


What has the author Marc Dawson written?

Marc Dawson has written: 'Cricket Extras 2' 'Australia versus England 1861-2005' -- subject(s): History, Cricket, Test matches (Cricket)

What term is used in cricket for the two men on the field who decide on whether the batsman are out and signal for extras and boundries?

The term for the two men on cricket field are umpires.

Which team holds the dubious record of conceding the most extras in a World Cup match?

As of 2011, the most extras conceded in a World Cup innings numbers 59, conceded by Scotland against Pakistan in the 1999 Cricket World Cup. 59 extras were conceded, which meant that "extras" was the second highest score on the scorecard - behind that of Yousuf Youhana, who scored 81 not out. The breakdown of extras was: 5 byes 6 leg byes 33 wides 15 no balls

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What is the name of a run scored by wide ball in cricket?

It is called "Extras" - The category of runs scored by the batting team without effort from their side i.e., without hitting the ball with the bat and scoring. No balls, leg byes, byes are also extras.

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What does sundries mean in cricket?

Sundries (also called extras) are runs scored in cricket that have not come off the batsman's bat. Sundries are added to the teams score, but not the individual batsman. Examples of sundries are: Byes, leg byes, no balls, wides and penalty runs.

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What does scored a century mean in cricket?

A batsman is considered to have scored a century when he completes a score of 100 runs off his bat. Extras, byes etc are not counted in a batsman's score. Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara are two bastmen who have the most number of centuries in cricket.

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What does a referee in cricket do?

Well, he decides weather it is out or not, he also looks for no balls and wides. He also look for run outs, extras, fours and sixes. P.s He is not called the referee he is called the umpire

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