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Deep Red, Black, White.

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Q: What are the exact Pantone colors of the Miami Heat jerseys?
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What ral number is pantone Reflex Blue?

The RAL number of the Pantone color Reflex Blue C is thought to be 5002. There is no exact matching when converting RAL colors to Pantone colors, but this is the closest blue to it.

What is the pantone color for coke tins?

Coke has no specific Pantone ref for its corporate colour, any branding on items can be in PAN 485 as a close approximation of the colour but is not an exact match. Coke has no specific Pantone ref for its corporate colour, any branding on items can be in PAN 485 as a close approximation of the colour but is not an exact match.

What ral number is pantone 382?

RAL 1016 is the closest color to PANTONE 382. You can not find the exact match but its closer.

What RAL color is pantone 421C?

I don't have the exact match, but the closest match is RAL 7035

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What is the difference between Pantone and CMYK?

First of all, Pantone is the brand name of an organization that released an international color standard. You are probably referring to the difference between spot colors and CMYK since most artists are referring to spot colors when referencing Pantone.PANTONEA Pantone Spot Color is a pre-mixed ink color that adheres strictly to the international standard for that color. Ink manufacturers cater these inks to exact specs and send them to printing companies on-demand. The press operators can then drop the custom ink into the press and out comes the color.CMYKThe most common form of printing uses 4 ink colors arranged in an intricate pattern of dots to generate colorful images. If you open up your inkjet printer you should be able to see those same colors on your ink cartridges. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black; otherwise referred to as CMYK. These are called process colors and are often seen in commercial printing. For most print applications, this form of printing is sufficient. However, there are limitations. 1) The color gamut is relatively narrow in certain areas such as blue and fluorescent colors. 2) If a precise color needs to be matched, the printer would opt for a spot color. 3) Lighter colors such as gray will show the dots when viewed up close. A spot color can print 100% solid.newtest3

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Is swingman jerseys better or authentic?

Swingman jerseys typically have one layer of stitched material for the player/ team names and numbers while replica jerseys have the names and numbers screen printed on them. Swingman jerseys are closer to the authentic jerseys since the letters and numbers stitched on. However, they are made with mesh so they have tiny holes in them to allow for air to flow through. Swingman jerseys are great for game play. Replica jerseys are made from less durable material and the printing, such as the name and number, are screen printed. Sometimes the colors aren't identical to the authentic jerseys, and that's because the sports leagues will authorize other companies, like Adidas, to produce these replicas and they don't always get it right. While they cost a lot less than the authentic version, they are by all means not cheap. They're still made from quality materials and can withstand you cheering for your team at the stadiums and in your living room. Authentic jerseys have two layers of stitched material used for player/team names and numbers and the materials can be different. These are the exact same jerseys that the athletes wear for games. The fabric is made from top line material that can handle the rigors and physical punishment of the game.