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The effects of speed on the body are numerous. Some examples are it puts strain on the heart (raises blood pressure), weakens the immune system, causes emotional problems, reduces appetite, causes bouts of energy (sleeplessness) due to the release of dopamine, causes euphoria and taking this drug may result in stroke or death.

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Q: What are the effects of speed on the body?
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How fast do you lose weight using speed?

using Speed as in amfetamines makes your hunger go away. How fast you lose weight depends on your body though. Different diets have different effects on different people, this goes for speed as well. A diet consisting of healthy eating habits (less fat and sugar) in combination with excersise will be much better for the body as speed has many nasty side effects.

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Capsules for height will show side-effects on your body. You can increase your height naturally.

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What happens to you if you take speed the drug?

Although it depends on what type of speed your taking, effects can include increased heart rate, body tempature, euphoria, speeds up central nervous system and feelings of well being and increased confindence.

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Friction will reduce an object's speed.

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