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The water/moisture on the court makes the tennis balls wet which in turn makes the ball much heavier; making it harder to create topspin on the ball or just plainly hitting it over the net without smashing or lobbing it. Also, it is much more likely to slip and fall, especially on grass and clay courts.

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Q: What are the effects of rain or moisture on a tennis court?
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Why are there rain delays in tennis?

Water is not condusive to the game of tennis. The qualities of the tennis ball and the court change significantly in the presence of moisture, and thus a different style of play is needed, which is not considered good tennis. Matches could be played, however the style of game would change significantly and most people would content the outcome was not the product of fair play.

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Is the tennis court tottaly Flat or has some type of slope?

yes, the court is completely flat. usually on an outdoor court there is a slope towards the edges to allow water to run off to dry the court faster after rain

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