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e duties of the agent is to get a good deal for his client when he wants to leave a club and join another one. It works this way. The original club keeps 70 percent of thetotal amount, the footballer gets 20 percent and the agent gets 10 percent of the total money.

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Q: What are the duties of a football agent?
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What are the duties of a real estate agent?

When an agent is hired to represent his/her client an agency relationship is formed whereby the agent owes the client fiduciary duties, that include, loyalty, obedience and confidentiality.

How do you get a soccer agent?

You can get a agent from another football player.

How do you get soccer agent?

You can get a agent from another football player.

Duties of an agent to his principal?

An agent owes fiduciary duties of loyalty, good faith, and fair dealing. An agent has to always prioritize the best interests of the principal, and must never act beyond his/her authority.

What is the duties of welfare officer in association?

duties of committee member development in a football academy

What are the duties of an agent?

to stop criminals and to investigate a crime seen

What were the duties of an Indian agent?

to starve and ripp off the natives

Duties and Responsibilities of Sales Agent?

The duties and responsibilities of a sales agent revolve around making sales for the company. The duties include answering all queries from customers, following up on potential clients, getting as much info about the products or services and many more.

How do you cancel contract with real estate agent?

Prove that the Real Estate Agent has not completed his/her duties afforded to you in said contract.

What are the duties of the registered agent in a corporation?

Just to receive complaints and address them in court

What duties does a sports agent perform for a professional athlete?

an atheltes agent does basically everything for him/her. an agent will schedule an individual practice and will negotiate trades. but if a college athlete hooses not to hire an agent, he has the choice as if he wants to go to the team he's drafted by or not. so lets say your in college playing football, and you wanna eter the draft and you choose not to hire an agent, and you want to go to the saints and the bears draft you, you have the choice, do u wanna go to the bears, or do u wanna become a free agent.

Is there Football Agent game for PC or something similar?