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Q: What are the draw backs of bisection method?
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What is advantages of bisection method?

In the absence of other information, it is the most efficient.

What is the advantages of using bisection method?

1. it is always convergent. 2. it is easy

What is the rate of convergence for the bisection method?

The rate of convergance for the bisection method is the same as it is for every other iteration method, please see the related question for more info. The actual specific 'rate' depends entirely on what your iteration equation is and will vary from problem to problem. As for the order of convergance for the bisection method, if I remember correctly it has linear convergence i.e. the convergence is of order 1. Anyway, please see the related question.

What is the Real root of 1-0.6x divided by x using bisection method?

The root of f(x)=(1-0.6x)/x is 1.6666... To see how the bisection method is used please see the related question below (link).

Disadvantages of the bisection method in numerical methods?

The main disadvantage of the bisection method for finding the root of an equation is that, compared to methods like the Newton-Raphson method and the Secant method, it requires a lot of work and a lot of iterations to get an answer with very small error, whilst a quarter of the same amount of work on the N-R method would give an answer with an error just as small.In other words compared to other methods, the bisection method takes a long time to get to a decent answer and this is it's biggest disadvantage.

Write a programm to implement the bisection method?

Please see the link for a code with an explanation.

What is the difference between bisection and false position method?

In bisection method an average of two independent variables is taken as next approximation to the solution while in false position method a line that passes through two points obtained by pair of dependent and independent variables is found and where it intersects abissica is takent as next approximation..

What is the defference between bisection method and newton method?

there are three variable are to find but in newton only one variable is taken at a time of a single iteration

How do you find the The initial range of Bisection method?

If this is in the context of finding a root of an equation, the answer is to make some guesses. Find value x1 and x2 such that f(x1) and f(x2) have opposite signs. Then, provided that f is a continuous function over (x1, x2), the bisection method will find its root.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bisection method compare with that of the linear interpolation method?

Certain Conference, error bound, multiple roots,Slow convergence, skips Even roots

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