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* American League East Division * American League Central Division * American League West Division * National League East Division * National League Central Division * National League West Division

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Q: What are the divisions of baseball?
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How many minor league divisions are there in baseball?

There are 19 minor league divisions in baseball

How many divisions are in Major League baseball?


How is the American baseball league broken down?

The AL is broken down into 3 divisions, East, West and Central.

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A clock dial has 60 minute divisions on its face, and 12 hour divisions

What is division one baseball?

The most likely answer is the Division I of the NCAA, which is one of three divisions of colleges and universities based on several factors.

When did divisional play in baseball begin?

In MLB, that was 1969. There were two divisions in each league, the East and the West, and each division had 6 teams.

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What are the names of all the divisions in the nfl?

There are many divisions in the NFl.The main divisions are the North, South, East and the West.

When did Major League Baseball expand to 3 divisions?

1995 ... right after the strike in 1994 that wiped out the last 50 or so games of the season and the playoffs.

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What are the divisions in major league baseball?

Major league baseball consists of six divisions, three in both the American and National leagues.A.L. (East, Central and West)N.L. (East, Central and West)

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