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1) They are expensive

2) They can be tempremental

3) They can break easily, as they are small and fragile

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Q: What are the disadvantages has a pic chip over a normal chip?
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What is a pic chip?

PIC's are a series of microcontrollers made by Microchip Inc. See the web link for Microchip's website.

Advantages and disadvantages of PIC 16F877A?

advantage of 16f877a

What uses a pic chip?

some modern car that are made in the 2000s

What is the difference between a PIC chip and a 555 chip?

PIC's are programmable microcontroller chips made by Microchip Inc. PIC's can be programmed to do timing functions, but they can do many other things as well. 555's are dedicated purpose timer chips made by several different manufacturers. They have no intelligence, they are strictly analog electronics.

How can you modify the size of a pic?

it depends what sort of pic it is, but on normal cameras/videos, it says on the box!

Reasons to use a PIC over a ATMEL?

The PIC is the most supported MCU on the net and also the most popular by far otherwise there is no real reason to use the PIC over a ATMEL, one can get a device in both the families that can be ideal for your need.

Advantages of pic controller over 8051?

The Pic Controller has many advantages over a 8051. The main advantage is the editing capabilities. Another advantage is the high resolution.

How do you connect ADC 0804 with 8051 series?

8051 is old MCU technology there is other MCUs on the market with build in ADCs, the PIC MCU from Micro Chip is the most popular and is very easy to program, more about PIC at this link

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How do you write assembly programs for PIC Microcontroller 18f458?

By using the appropriate programmer for the chip. See related links for the MPLAB PM3 Universal Device Programmer.

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