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A singles tennis court is 78 feet long by 27 feet wide. For doubles, the court is 36 feet wide.

The area need for a tennis court is 120' by 60' oriented north-south. A narrow court can be 120' - 55'. The link below has more details.

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Q: What are the dimensions of a small tennis court?
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What is the breadth of the tennis court?

The dimensions of a tennis court for singles play is 27' x 78'.

What are the dimensions of a table tennis court?


What are the dimensions for a bat tennis court?

why bring me here from the search engine if there is no answer. you suck!

Did the Titanic have a tennis court?

No. There was a squash court which could have been modified with a tennis net but it would have been too small for a proper tennis court.

What metric unit is used to measure a tennis court?

The linear dimensions in metres, the area in square metres.

How big is a tennis court?

it is 27 ft by 78 ft for singles and 36 ft by 78 ft for doubles Here's a pretty good guide to tennis court sizes:

What is the surface area of your small intestine?

About equal to a tennis court.

What is the Surface area of small intestines?

About equal to a tennis court.

What are the measurements of a tennis court?

It would take too long to list all the dimensions of a tennis court. Enter the phrase "tennis court measurements" into your favorite search engine for detailed information (n.b., if you use "Google", select "Images" at the top of that page). Or, visit the USTA link, below, for the Rules and Regulations of tennis, which include court measurements.

Lawn tennis court dimensions?

length of the court is 78 feet and its width is 27 feet for singles matches , 36 feet for doubles matches

Where is the oldest tennis court?

the tennis court at Falkland palace royale tennis club in Scotland is the oldest tennis court

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