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The dimensions of a high school soccer field are roughly 100 yards long by 60 yards wide.

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Q: What are the dimensions of a high school soccer field?
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Number of players on the field for high school soccer?

There are 11 players on the field for high school soccer. I know because I play.

What are the Metric dimensions of a high school soccer field?

If it's a FIFA reg field it should be between 85-110 meters long and between 45 and 55 meters wide.

How many feet is the high school soccer field?


Is a NFL football field bigger than a high school football field?

No. Same dimensions

What equipment is needed for high school soccer?

you would need soccer balls, and uniforms. also a field!

Is there soccer in high school?

YES there are soccer in high school every high school have a soccer cond.

What are the dimensions of an American high school soccer net?

The dimensions of American high school soccer net varies from playing long balls and playing two 40 mins halfs unlike college soccer whereby the style varies from long balls to playing ground ball and playing possesion.

What are the dimensions of a soccer stadium?

The field dimension of a soccer stadium, in which is found optimal by FIFA, is 110-120 yards long, and 70-80 yards wide. Most organizations and high schools use these same dimensions for their soccer fields.

What are the dimensions of a high school baseball field batter' box?

4 feet by 6 feet

What are Dimensions of High School Track field?

400 metres once around the whole thing

How many laps around a high school soccer field is one mile?


Dimensions of a high school field hockey goal?

12ft wide 7 ft high 4 feet deep

What is square feet in a soccer field?

I lay out U10 and High School soccer fields. The U10 dimentions are 180x120 to make a square footage of 21600. The High School dimentions are 360x160 to make the square footage 57600.

What are girls high school fast pitch softball field dimensions?

It varies from school to school. I know that it cannot be bigger then 200 down the lines and 220 in the middle, but im not sure one what the smallest is. My high school field was 190 down the lines and 200 in center.

What are the Soccer position for high school?

position : teacher in high school

How long does a high school soccer game last?

High school soccer has two halfs, each 40mins

When was Field High School created?

Field High School was created in 1962.

What are the dimensions for an indoor soccer goal?

3m wide x 2m high

Are spiked soccer cleats legal in high school soccer?


Does high school have three teams in soccer in all grades?

No. Smaller high schools have fewer soccer teams. Larger high school tend to have more soccer teams.

What education did Pele have?

Pele only had an elementary school education before making it big in the field of soccer. However, he had no high school or college experience.

How many meters long is a high school soccer field?

It is usually 100 yards which I believe is roughly 120 meters.

What is the standard size of a soccer field for juniors?

high school,college, and pro fields are 100 meters by 50 meters

How do you find soccer stats for women's high school soccer in Santa Rosa?

You type in on google Women's high school Soccer stats in Santa Rosa and see what comes up...or look at the national rankings for high school womens soccer!

Are Major league baseball home plate dimensions different from high school dimensions?