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It can vary, but a typical size is 60 feet wide by 30 feet high.

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Q: What are the dimensions of a batter's eye for a baseball field?
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Why are centerfield seats purposely empty in baseball stadiums?

If the stadium is strictly a baseball stadium, there won't be any seats in center field, and if it's a multipurpose stadium they will be covered, and unused. This is done for the batters... That area is what is known as the "batters eye" which means it's the direct view of what the batter sees from home plate. It's generally a dark color (so the ball can be easily picked up from the pitchers hand), and if there is a video board, it is on a fixed picture during an at bat.

What is the purpose of the batter board?

I assume "batter board" is another term for "Batters Eye" in center field. If not then this answer will not apply to your question. The Batters Eye is for the batter to have a "backdrop" that will allow him to see the baseball come from the pitchers hand. Generally these are green or black because they allow the white ball to be seen easily. If you are in the outfield on a line drive hit to you, then you might appreciate having this as when you are at bat. A white ball being thrown at you 80-90mph that you cant see because someone in the center field bleachers is wearing a white shirt right where the release point is for the pitcher would not be a good thing.

How many dimensions do you see in when you look with one eye?

When you look through one eye or both eyes, it doesn't matter because the world that we know always has three dimensions; length, width, and height.The difference is that when you look through one eye your brain doesn't get as much information to be able to determine width or depth, which is considered the third dimension. It only gets information to see length and height. And, to see the fourth dimension, time, all you have to do is look at something with three dimensions ans wait for it to move. Movement involves time, so if you close one eye and look at things moving, you are actually seeing infour dimensions with only one eye!

Why is it harder for a one eyed golfer to see the distance to the pin than it would for a two eyed golfer?

A person with one eye sees in two dimensions rather than three. That all important third dimension, depth of field, is missing.

What is the mean of OD in medical field?

Doctor of Optometry (which is an eye doctor) or right eye

Does Sally Field have a glass eye?

I Don,t Know, But Sandy Duncan Apparently Has A Glass Eye.

What eye condition is when the eye is misshaped which causes blurry spots in your field of view?


Normal vision in left eye visual field absence of vision in right eye visual field?

This means that a person is either blind in the right eye or very close to blind. It could also mean that they have no peripheral vision.

Where is a lesion if there is normal vision in both eye for the right half visual field but there is absence of vision in both eyes for left half of the visual fieled?

If there is normal vision in both eye for the right half visual field but there is absence of vision in both eyes for left half of the visual field, then the lesion is in the left eye. Since the vision for right eye is clear, the lesion is in the left.

Absence of vision in right eye visual field?

If you have an absence of vision in the right eye's visual field, you may have a headache coming on. This could also be due to a problem with the optic nerve.

How do visual field compare with the fields for a normal eye?

it doesnt

Do field hockey players where eye protection?

Except goal-keepers no other players wear face or eye protection.

Can an eye specialist treat glaucoma?

Yes since eye specialists are trained in this field; glaucoma deals with the optic nerves, which you can firstly rely on eye specialists to treat and help with.

Can playing baseball give you better eye vision?

No, but it can give you better hand and eye coordination

Do you need images from from both your eyes to see in three dimensions?

Yes, one eye only produces a two dimensional image.

How does linear persective help a flat canvas look it has three dimensions?

It is a technique based on geometry that tricks the eye into seeing depth

How do you get baseball eye black off baseball hats?

The miterial of the hat can be hard and hurt you

Which area of the brain controls voluntary movement of the eyes?

Frontal Eye Field

Which areas of the brain controls voluntary movement of the eyes?

Frontal eye field

What area of the brain controls voluntary movement of the eyes?

Frontal Eye Field

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A burned out bulb, a blocked eye piece, a dislodged mirror or your other eye is closed.

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Wet macular degeneration is an eye chronic eye disease, It causes vision loss in the center of your field of vision.

What is Edward's eye colour when he is playing baseball?


What is the first rule in baseball?

Keep your eye on the ball.

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