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longboards, shortboards; okay that is true, but those are only two types. you have Shortboards, generally used for large waves between 4-12 ft roughly. There are guns which have a shortboard shape, very skinny but tall high 6 foot up to 10 foot these are made for Surfing BIG waves, double overhead and up. You have fish, which are shorter than shortboards but a lot fatter. Funboards, which are taller than shortboards, fatter, and have a more rounded nose. Longboards, which are usually 8 to 10 feet. Noseriders, which are taller than longboards, thicker in the nose and have more rocker so you can actually "ride the nose" then on top of that you have epoxy and fiberglass, hybrids like fun-fishes. All different types, and you can customize your own. Pintail, flat-tail, swallow-tail, or bat-tail to name a few. Hope this helped, if you have a beginner get yourself a longboard with a soft top

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Q: What are the different types of surfboards?
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