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Well, depending on what you mean, there are ball sports, team sports, strength sports, wind sports, endurance sports, snow sports, athletics, target sports.

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Q: What are the different types of sport?
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Does trivial pursuit have a sport edition?

no but there are many different types

Different Types Of Arousal in sport?

under, over and optimal

What are the different types of guns in the Olympic sport of shooting?

shotgun is the answer shotgun is the answer

What different motorcyle types are there?

sportbike, touring, dirt bike, dual-sport

How many types of fencing the sport are there?

There are three types of fencing, involving three different weapons: Epee, Foil, and Sabre.

How much is it to buy a sport store?

Safford is a good place for buy sport here you can get different types of product as well as reasonable price.

Describe four different types of injuries associated with sport participation and their underlying causes?


What are different types of cattle?

Dairy, beef, sport, draft, and dual- or tri-purpose stock.

What types of sports can be replicated with sets from LEGO?

There are many different types of Lego sport sets available on the market. Lego carries just about every sport, including soccer, football, and hockey.

How to make a sport recipe by myself?

You can make a sport recipe by yourself if you get different types of ingredients. If put together the different type of recipes on paper and patent the product you can make a sports recipe.

Are there different types of cattle?

Yes. The main types we are aware of include Beef and Dairy cattle. However there are other types as well: Sport, Draft and Dual-purpose.

How many different sport categories are involved in this summer Olympics?

26 categories with 36 event types

What types of asthma are there?


Is motorcross a sport?

yes because many people are involved,it is physically demanding,there can be teams,there are different types of it and it involves hardcore racing,this is just some of why it is,its a SPORT OK.

What types of different minis -car?

rocketman cooper one clubman countryman sport they are all british/german

What types of regulations does a Light Sport Aircraft have to meet?

Different countries have different regulations for this. In the US, a light sport aircraft, or LSA, must weigh under 1320 pounds. A LSA can be flown with a sport pilot certificate, rather than requiring a private one.

What are the sections of the newspaper?

The sections in newspapers are like the different different types is in polytical section,editorial section,bollywood,sport ,crime petrol etc

What types of sport are there?

Please clarify what you mean by sport in the car category.

What are different types of contraction in sport?

The different types of contraction in sport is; Concentric Eccentric you also have to include; joint action e.g. Extension / flexion the agonist / agonistic muscle pairs e.g. hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, triceps ect. & the joint itself e.g. knee, elbow, shoulder,

How many types of sports are in the world?

>there are several types of sports namely, outdoor sport, indoor, underwater, and air sports. there are over 500 different sports in the world

What four different types of injuries in sport?

Theres Waay More than For Check out this website for loads of information on diffrent types : it can be dangerous.

What types of sport do Portugal like?


What is sport shooting?

there are many types of sport shooting Trap- game where targets are thrown away from the shooter Skeet- game where targets are thrown the same way each time Sporting Clays- simulates different types of hunting situations Plinking- shooting at different objects Hunting- small and big game hunting

Is it an Olympic sport?

Volleyball is an summer Olympic sport. There are two types: indoor and beach.

What are types of sports are in the world?

all different types of sports are in the world depending on what country you come from certian countires are better at certian sports usally because the sport has originated in that country.