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Single: 1 single jump where you either land flat or up or downhill Double: Jump from one take off jump and land on the downslope of a 2nd jump Triple: Jump from one take off jump, over a 2nd jump and land on the downslope of a 3rd jump Tabletop: Much like a double, except the area between the take off and landing is solid dirt. Step Up: A large usually uphill jump that is much like a double, except the 2 jumps somewhat connect together. Step Down: A downhill version of the step up. Whoops: Multiple medium sized jumps spaced close together. Usually "skimmed" which is where a rider hits them very fast and goes across the top of each one. Catapult: Usually a very large double with a very steep take off. Step On: A jump where you jump onto a section of built up/packed down dirt Step Off: Often the last part of a step on, a Step off is where you jump off of a section of built up/packed down dirt Berm: Built up wall of dirt in a turn Staircase: A section of whoops that goes up a hill, like a staircase Hip: A jump where the landing ramp is not in line with the take off so you have to turn or wippet of it to land the ramp If anyone has an others, feel free to share

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Q: What are the different types of dirt bike jumps?
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Where can one go to learn dirt bike jumps?

Dirt bike jumps is a type of sport categorized a motor sports. there are several different types of jumps involved in dirk bike jumping. Usually people learn the different jumps and moves from on hands experience at a local dirt track built for motorcycles only.

How can one create bike jumps?

One can create bike jumps in many different ways. An individual can buy plastic already made bike jumps if they would like. They can also make them out of dirt and gravel. A popular way of making bike jumps would be out of ply wood bought at the local hardware store.

What different motorcyle types are there?

sportbike, touring, dirt bike, dual-sport

How do you build a dirt bike track?

well you know its pretty easy you just cut down the trees in your way make a couple jumps and till up the dirt (suggestion: use your dirt bike for that.

How much is a125 dirt bike?

There different rates of different dirt bike the starting price is 850$-1880$.

Are dirt bike wheels the same size?

There are different sizes for dirt bike wheels as there are for regular bike wheels.

What are the parts of a dirt bike?

There are many different parts to a dirt bike. Some of the parts of a dirt bike?æinclude the wheels, handle bars and seat.?æ

California dirt bike laws?

Different states have different laws when it comes to dirt bikes. In California, you can ride a dirt bike at any age as long as it is not on the road.

How tall is a 70cc dirt bike in inches?

It depend on bike different bike have different height. But 36" At Handlebars - 24" At Seat is the approximate height of any bike.

What are some different types of bike games are available online?

There are a number of bike games available online. Some of these games include Mario BMX Remix, Police Bike, Winter Rider, Moto Risk, Stunt Dirt Bike and Spring Bike.

What is the difference between a cruiser bike dirt bike and a mountain bike?

A cruiser bike is a bike that gives an upright riding postion, is usually blinged out, and is ridden rather sedately. A dirt bike is something like a cross between a BMX and a MTB. Usually a singlespeed, suspension fork and rugged frame to stand up to jumps and tricks. MTBs are available in several different versions(XC, AM, DH), but basically they're about providing a compromise between ruggedness and rideability.

Could you explain what dirt bike parts do?

Dirt bike parts are much the same as all motocycles, accept dirt bikes are designed for the dirt, better air filtration for dirt, dust, mud, and water, more travel in the suspension for rougher terrain, knobby tires to grip the dirt, a more gusseted and stronger frame to handle jumps, holes, etc., all in all a dirt bike and all its parts is designed to handle extreme terrain and conditions, other motorcycles are not.