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verbal and nonverbal

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Q: What are the different types of communication are used in softball?
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What are the different types of communication facilities in disaster management?

The different types of communication facilities in disaster management include a ham radio and Cyclone Warning Dissemination Systems. These are used for transmission of warnings.

What different type of protocols used in data communication?

There are 5 types pf protocols used in the computer network.

Types of equipment used in audio-visual communication?

what are the type on audio communication

What different types of waves are used for communication?

electromagnetic waves they are basically used by all types only some have different names and are a type of it Like wireless is : Hertzian waves (electromagnetic waves) well the elctormagnetic waves can smd!

What are the types of application software used in communication?


What types of signals are used in communication?

Digital and analog.

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twitter is a business tool which is used for many different types of communication. some of the uses of twitter in business communication are

What are the different levels of communication?

there are mainly two types of communications: 1.Wire communication, where wire is used in the communicating devices like optical fibres, coaxial cable,etc 2. Wireless communication, where wires are not used like bluetooth, infrared rays.

What is the softball used for?

To play softball

What types of communication is used in mechanical engineering?

Many many

What is a glove used in softball?

a glove is used to catch the softballs and some types of gloves are mizuno, nike, easton., and whiton

What types of leather was originally used for softball gloves?

Mainly leather from cow or any other animal.

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