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cross country, show jumpig, point to point, racing . . . that's all i can think of ???

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Horse racing racing for purse only

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Q: What are the different types of Horse Races?
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What are the different types of horse racing?

In the UK there are only two types of horse racing: Flat racing - Races with no obstacles National Hunt Racing - Races with either hurdles or steeplechases to jump.

What information is posted on Racingpost?

Information about races is posted on Racingpost. The different types of races that Racingpost highlights are horse and greyhound. They also post information about sports betting.

What are the Different races of people in the Caribbean?

the different types of races in the Caribbean are negro Caucasian European Asian and African

What different types of horse bridles?

there are many different types

3 types of special effects in melodrama?

volcanic eruption fires horse races battlefields

What is a harness race horse?

These types of races are ran with the horses harnessed up to a 'sulkie', a lightweight 2-wheeled cart. Unlike other types of horseracing, the harness races are all ran at a fast-paced trot. If the horse 'breaks' from the trot he is disqualified.

Did ancient Rome do house races?

they did not do house races but they did horse races

What are the Different Types of Horse?

there are thousands xxx

What are the different types of horse's?

there are thousands xxx

Who rides a horse you horse races?


Direction that horses race in Australia?

Different states and territories in Australia have their horse races running in different directions

How do you choose a bridle for your horse?

Different disciplines suggest different types, how much you need to control your horse, and how your horse will be used.

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