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there are alot of different terms but they are exactly the same as Baseball. for example, then hitting, you cand hit a single, double, triple, of home run. if the bases are loaded ( all first second and third base are occupied) and you hit a home run, that is called a grand slam. when you're on base, you can steal a base, which is advancing to the next base without a hit advancing you. sometimes the bases are called bags. on defense, you can get a grounder, which is a hit that has hit the ground before you caught it, a pop fly, which is a hit that is in the air the whole time until you catch it, or a line drive, which is a hit that is straight, not up like a pop fly but does not hit the ground.

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Some terms used in football are field goal, end zone, blitz, and cornerback. Other terms include quarterback, touchdown, down, flag, and extra point.

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Q: What are the different terminologies in soccer-football?
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