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There is a *lot* of terminology in gymnastics. I couldn't possibly list it all. I suggest Googling a gymnastics dictionary.

What do you mean by basic skills? Basic skill for pre-competitive? Level 4? Level 8? Level 10?

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there are a ton of different moves in gymnastics. its almost impossible to name them all. the different apparatus are beam vault floor and bars. there are different moves depending on your level. for example: if you were in level 1 you would be doing forwards and backwards rolls, cartweels, and handtands on floor. if you were in level 2, you would be doing backbends roundoffs and handstand bridges on floor. but as you level up the moves/skills get much harder on every apparatus.

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There are way too many gymnastics terms to simply be able to list them here for you. I suggest Googling a gymnastics dictionary.

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Q: What are the different terminologies and the basic skills in gymnastics?
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Show the actual pictures of the basic skills of gymnastics?

To find images of the basic position in gymnastics simply do a basic Internet search. Use the string of words, "images basic positions gymnastics" and you should find what you are looking for in the top results.

What are the basic skills in gymnastics for?

to get you ready for the higher skills. you can't to a round off with out being able to do a cartwheel.

What are the basic of gymnastic?

if your asking what the basic skills of gymnastics are, then its like handstands cartwheels back handsprings kips stretching back tucks and etc

What are some basic skills for beginner gymnasts?

I need this info really badly for a close friend who does gymnastics. She is intermediate, though she needs to know basic skills in the class also. Help me!

Explain basic skills of gymnastics?

it depends on what kind of basic you mean. if you mean basic rec. gymnastics skills: handstands, cartwheels, forwards roll and backwards roll and round-offs basic competitive gymnastics skills include handstands, cartwheels, flexibility, round off (RO), back extensions, back handspring (BHS), RO BHS, and conditioning

What skills are required for Division I gymnastics?

it depends on the gym, but usually u just need to know how to do basic stuff.

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What does a three year old learn in gymnastics?

They mostly hop,skip, different running, and some gymnastics for tots even have a jungle gym type thing. Just basic stuff.

Basic commands and position in gymnastics?


What is the basic skills of gymnastics?

handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, backhandspring, fronthandspring, back and frontwalkovers, back and front tucks

Why do you need to know the basic positions in gymnastics?

We need to know them simply because we can't step into the advanced positions in gymnastics.