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There are seven players per quidditch team.

  • three chasers
  • two beaters
  • one seeker
  • one keeper
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Q: What are the different players in quidditch?
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What are offensive players on a Quidditch team called?

The Chasers.

What are all the players called in quidditch?

The seeker, the keeper, and the passers

What is quidditch played with?

Quidditch is played with broomsticks, which the players fly on. There are also four balls, a quaffle, a snitch, and two bludgers. It is played on a quidditch pitch with two goal hoops.

What team did Ginny play Quidditch for?

Ginny Weasly was in Griffindor. So like all Griffindor Quidditch players, she played for Griffindor.Later she plays for the Holyhead Harpies

How did Quidditch start?

Quidditch was created circa 1000 CE in Queerditch Marsh in England. Chasers were the original players, and all balls and positions were in existence by 1500 CE.

In quidditch what is the name of the players that throw the quaffle around trying to score a goal?


What does bludger means in the story of Harry Potter?

It's this ball that try's to hit the Quidditch players.

How many players are on a Quidditch team and what positions do they play?

7 players 3 chasers 2 beaters 1 keeper 1 seeker

How many players are on two Quidditch teams?

There's seven on each team, so fourteen total.

What does a broom represent in Harry Potter?

A Broom is used as a sports item in Quidditch. All players use it.

On a Quidditch team there are seven players One Keeper one Seeker three Chasers and two beaters?

That is correct.

What does the bludger do in the game quidditch on harry potter?

The bludger tries to knock players from the opposing team off of their brooms.

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