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The men's gymnastics events in Olympic order are: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel-bars and Horizontal Bar (also known as High Bar). Both Floor and Vault are also practiced by the women.

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vault parallel bars rings pommel horse floor and high bar.

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Q: What are the different male gymnastic apparatuses?
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What are the different kind of heavy apparatuses in gymnastic?

for boys: vault, pommel, rings, high bar, parallel bars and floor. for girls: floor, vault, balance beam and uneven bars

What are the 6 arlistic gymnastic for men?

If you are talking about the six different apparatuses for the men, they are: floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and the horizontal bar (high bar).

What are the different gymnastis apparatuses?

For a female its uneven bars, vault, floor and beam. For a male its parallel bars,high bar, floor,vault, pommel horse, and rings

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How many types of gymnastic are there?

There are 4 type of gymnastics that I know of. 1. Artistic: The main type including the apparatuses floor, beam, bars, and vault. 2. Rhythmic: Gymnasts don't tumble. The work with the apparatuses ribbon, rope, clubs, and hoop. 3. Trampoline Tumbling: Self-explanitory. Trampoline. 4. Sport Acrobatics: Where gymnasts balance on top of eachother. **THESE ARE THE ONLY COMPETITIVE TYPES.

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