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the kind of athletics are Track and Field foot ball running throwing Badminton and anyhing that sports

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Q: What are the different kind of athletics?
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What kind of sport did ancient Greece have?


What kind of education did Floyd Mayweather have?


What kind of athletics do they have in Romania?

Light athletics, boxing, wrestling, weights lifting, judo, etc.

What are the different events of athletics?


Who started athletics?

no one knows for sure, athletics are likely as old a human kind. However the Olympic Games were started by the ancient Greeks as a competition between the different city states that opposed each other

How many people antend in the athletics and the oylmpics?

how many people attend in the athletics and the oylmpics this year 2008? what kind of experience have? where was the first athletics held?

What are the different hurdle events in track athletics?


What type of athletics did the mayans participate in?

all kind softball hockey

Where can one find information on Scottish Athletics?

You can find many different sources for information regarding all different types of Scottish Athletics with the help of Google. You simply type in "Scottish Athletics" without the quotation marks and you will get plenty of information.

What kind of athletics do they allow or they have in highschools?

They allow both track & field athletics in high schools that gives the students a chance to practice and participate in tournaments.

What units of measurement are used for different sport event for athletics?


How can you get into an athletics team and impress the teacher?

Try your hardest at running and different sports.

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