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,Races, long jump,high jump, javelin throw, disc throw, shot put, relays

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Q: What are the different events in athletics?
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What are the different events of athletics?


What are the events in athletics?

Track and fields

What are some of the different events in the Olympic games?

Some of them are Athletics, swimming, diving, shooting, show jumping , football etc..

In Athletics High Jump belong to?

Track Events.

What are four events of the olympics?

There are many Olympic events, here are four:- Athletics, Rowing, Boxing, Swimming.

What is a big place used for athletics and other major events?

a stadium

What is a Hepthalon?

Did you mean "heptathlon"? A heptathlon is a track and field athletics combined events contest made up of seven events.

What events are on 3rd Aug at Olympics in London?

Judo Archery Trampoline Athletics

What events were there in the 1896 Olympics?

Events in the 1896 Games were in athletics, wrestling, cycling, gymnastics, fencing, weightlifting, tennis, swimming, and shooting.

What are the four areas of Athletics?

There is track and field events, but athletics covers all sports, because, all sports people consider themselves athletes

What Auckland venue was the athletics events held at for the commonwealth games?

Mount Smart Stadium

What are some of the Olympic events?

athletics, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, sprints