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Javelin, basketball, canoeing, football, baseball, running, hurdles.

cricket and rounders

some sports like wheel chair basketball or blind fold football are used for the paralympics or for disabled.

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Q: What are the different athletic sports?
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Athletic contest of 10 sports?

An athletic contest of ten sports is a decathlon and a contest of three sports is a triathlon

What is the difference between athletic training and Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine is a broader field that includes athletic trainers as well as sports medicine doctors and specialists. An athletic trainer works with the athlete as to prevent, manage and treat athletic injuries under the supervision of a sports medicine doctor or specialist.

What is a athletic contest of 10 sports called?

A decathlon is an athletic contest consisting of 10 sports.

Various definitions of sports?

sports are a variaty of athletic events

What is the difference between an Athletic School and a Sports School?

The Athletic school is full of athletes, but the sports school is teaching people to be athletes.

What degrees are there in sports?

There are degrees in sports management, sports psychology, and athletic training degrees.

How do sports change a person?

It can change you because if you are not athletic or if you are athletic, it can either make you more athletic or can make you athletic if u already were'nt.

If your athletic than are you good at all sports?

Not necessarily. For example, a woman who excels at fastpitch softball may not be all that great at gymnastics. Or a wrestler may not be all that great at running races for track.Different sports take different talents. Being athletic wouldn't necessarily mean you have the talent or natural ability to excel at all sports.

Was Bill Cosby athletic?

Yes when Bill Cosby was younger he was athletic and played in sports.

What can you become with a degree in athletic training?

An athletic trainer, physical therapist, and sports medicine.

Which sport is more athletic soccer or gymnastics?

Both of them are. Since I play both soccer and do gymnastics, they are both healthy and athletic things. The only thing is I do gymnastics more professionally than soccer, but both athletic sports in different ways.

What is another name for an athletic event?


What is an athletic supporter?

An athletic supporter is an alternative name for a jockstrap, or a cheerleader or booster of a sports team.

What is the motto of Amateur Athletic Union?

The motto of Amateur Athletic Union is 'Sports for All, Forever.'.

Where can athletic apparel be bought from?

Athletic apparel can often be bought from stores that sell sports equipment. Online specialist retailers such as Sports Direct or Eastbay also offer lots of athletic apparel. Mega-retailers such as Amazon and eBay do also offer athletic apparel.

Did Benjamin Baneker play sports?

No. Benjamin Baneker was not an athletic man and did not partake in sports.

What is an athletic event?

An athletic event is an even that involves sports or competition. For example, the Olympics are considered the biggest and most well known athletic event.

What does Academy sports sell?

Academy sports sells athletic clothing, athletic equipment, fitness equipment, hunting rifles, fishing supplies, and other outdoors types of equipment. However, it is still primarily a sports retailer.

Is motor sports in the Olympics?

No- then it wouldn't be athletic ability

What does athletic contest of 10 sports mean?

A decathalon

What do you call an Athletic contest of ten sports?

its a dicatholon

How do sports drinks help athletic performance?

Sports drinks help athletic performance by renewing the body with electrolytes, which helps restore the salt lost through sweating ☻

What has the author Chad Starkey written?

Chad Starkey has written: 'Therapeutic modalities for athletic trainers' -- subject(s): Sports medicine, Sports, Therapy, Treatment, Athletic trainers, Accidents and injuries, Athletic Injuries, Athletes, Rehabilitation

Should girls play?

a common question, girls should play any sport a boy can play with the appropriate padding in different areas of their bodies. sports by definition mean "to be athletic" not only boys can be athletic but girls an to.

Where can Champion athletic wear be purchased?

Champion athletic wear can be purchased from websites that specialize in selling sports apparel, such as Sports Direct. They can also be purchased directly from the Champion online store.

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