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The ball size, the three point line, and the quarter lengths.

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The difference between women Basketball and men basketball was that men had two goals and women had only one.

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Men's basketball is played by Men. Women's basketball is played by Women.

You asked.

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Q: What are the differences in men and women basketball?
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Are there differences between the size of a men's and women's basketball?

Yes, a men's b-ball is bigger, its a size 7, women's is a size 6

Why they say that basketball is for men only?

Then they are wrong. Basketball is for men and women. That is why they have the NBA and WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association).

Does referees in basketball have to be men?

No, both men and women can be referees in basketball

What is difference between men and women basketball shoes?

Men's basketball shoes are bigger than women's.

What are the differences between men's and women's basketball size?

Men basketballhave more states involved as far as Teams women only have 14. Womens basketball has only 14 states. Women`s basketball doesnt have a s much publicity as mens. As for recruits and stats womem and men dont share the same path to success when it comes to the sport.

What are the differences in communication between men and women in different cultures?

what are the differences in communication between men and women

What is the size difference between a women's and men's basketball?

A men's basketball is 29.5" A women's basketball is 28.5" because generally men have larger hands than females. Men basketballs are called size 7 and women's are called size 6.

Are there differences in golf for men and women?


What makes women's basketball different from men's basketball?

Absolutely nothing. The only difference is that the women's team has all women and the men's team has all men. See you on the court! :0)

Is the basketball hoop the same size for women and men basketball?

Yes, the ring is the same size for women as for men. However, women use smaller balls.

Why do women play basketball?

the same reason why men play basketball

Is men's basketball more interesting than women's basketball?


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