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a corner flag post is a post route where the receiver cuts towards the sideline after cutting inside

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Q: What are the descriptions of a corner flag post?
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What is the minimum height of a corner flag post?

1.5 metres or 5 feet.

What are different routes called in football?

flag post corner post slant seam fade out dig pivot streak

What is the corner of the field in soccer called?

its got a flag and its called the corner flag......

What is the post called that a flag is hung on?

flag post

What does scotlands flag look like?

A blue flag with a white corner-to-corner cross.

What are the flag post rules for soccer?

what are Flag post Rules of SOccer

What is the minimum height of a corner flag in football?

what the minimum height of a corner flag in football

How do you prevent a flag from blowing on roof?

I actually folded the bottom corner of the flag and sewed a rock into the folded corner, if your flag is still flying around then sew another rock into the other bottom corner.

How do you post an image on

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What is a compound word that means a post on which the flag is hung?

Flag pole is a compound word that means a post on which a flag is hung.

What is the post where the flag is hung?

the post flag- is 10 feet by 19feet; it for general display on days when it is not appropriate for the garrison flag

What is a canton on a flag?

The canton, is the top left inner corner of the flag.

Flag description and information?

Flag descriptions and information can be found in many books about flags and online at places like CRWFlags and NationsOnline. These websites offer pictures and descriptions of flags along with their meanings.

What are the descriptions for the colonial flag of Hong Kong-the flag used when Hong Kong was still British?

like now

How is the Hawaiian flag related to the British flag?

In the top left corner is a minny British flag

Why is there the british flag upper left corner?

Any country's National Flag with a small Union Flag on the upper left corner was once a member of the British Empire.

What is a corner flag in soccer?

It's a flag on the corner of a soccer field which helps the referee and linesmen to see if the ball is still in play.

What is flag kick in football?

A corner kick.

Which country's flag is shown in the Australian flag?

The Union Flag of the United Kingdom is in the top right hand corner of the flag of Australia

What is the difference between a post route and a flag route?

Post is towards the center of the field, flag is toward the sideline.

How do you flag on craigslist?

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What is the size of the post flag?


Why is there the British flag on the upper left corner of the Australian flag?

There is a British flag on the upper left corner of the Australian flag because Australia used British grammar and languages. Australia can use American languages or grammar too.

What is the height of a soccer corner flag?

Minimum of 5ft.

Which flag has 1 blue 1 green 1 yellow with a sun in the corner?

The flag of Rwanda.