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Pitcher, catcher,1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, short stop, left field, center field, right, field.

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Q: What are the defensive positions in softball?
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Related questions

What does utility mean in softball?

A player who is not a starter that can play several different defensive positions.

In softball do you have to tell the scorekeeper defensive position changes or just the spot they will be batting in the lineup?

If there are no substitutions then you can change positions and not have to inform anyone.

How many positions are there on a softball fields?

There are 9 positions on a softball field.

What are Six defensive positions on a softball team?

3rd, shortstop, 2nd base, 1st base, left field, centerfield, and right field

How many defensive positions are there on a slow pitched softball field?

10 if you play in with a short center. 9 if ou play without. it matters how you want to play.

How may positions are there in softball?

9-10 positions

Where are the positions in softball?

they are in the infield and in the outfield

What are players spot on softball field?


What defensive action results in 2 outs in softball?


What are some softball awards?

offensive mvp, defensive mvp, greatest homeruns

What does the offensive team do in softball game?

They hit the ball from the pitcher on the defensive team

Why do they have softball and baseball?

Softball is an edited version so that it can provide more defensive work, and more offensive strategy like playing 'small ball'

What has the author Jacquie Joseph written?

Jacquie Joseph has written: 'Defensive softball drills' -- subject(s): Softball, Coaching, Training

How many defensive positions are there on a softball field?

For fastpitch softball there 9 positions, exactly the same as baseball: pitcher(1), catcher(2), 1st(3), 2nd(4), 3rd(5), short stop(6), left field(7), center field(8) and right field(9). For slow pitch, there is often a 10th fielder who usually plays in shallow center field, known as "short center", whose position would be marked as (10).

What is a DB in football?

Defensive Back. DBs are the positions cornerback and safety and are players on defensive who primarily cover the receivers going out for passes.

How many players are there on the field at one time for team in softball?

9 defensive players.

The defensive team in softball is the team on the?

The fielding team; the offensive team is at bat or batting.

What is a utility player in softball?

A utility player specializes in many positions.

What are the most important defensive positions in football?

Defensive back and outside linebacker for coverage type deffense. Defensive linemen and safety for rush defense.

Is the warrior cobra x a good defensive lacrosse head?

Yes it is good for defensive use but not very for other positions

How many defensive players in softball field?

13 defensive players

What are the outfield positions of Softball?

Right Fielder Left Fielder Center fielder

Should you play defensive tackle in highs chool at 283lbs and 5'9?

Defensive Tackle, Noseguard and Offensive Guard are great positions for your build.

Who tackles in football?

The defensive players. Their positions are the DB's (defensive backs made from corners and safeties), the linebackers et the defensive linemen. But, in fact, everyone can do a tackle to the ball carrier if they are not in possession of the ball.

What are the three positions in softball pitching?

the three position are pitcher, follow through ,fielder.