What are the cubs like?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: What are the cubs like?
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What do gray wolf cubs look like?

like you

What is cuter baby cheetahs or white tiger cubs?

If you like big balls of fluff, then Cheetah cubs. If you like things with comically enlarged ears in comparison to their face, Tiger cubs.

Does Justin Bieber like the cubs?


Does Bruno mars like the cubs?


Tigers have 70 cubs in a litter don't they?

No. It is more like 2 to 3 cubs per litter.

What do lion cubs like to do?

Lion cubs enjoy wrestling, eating, sleeping, and pouncing on their mom's tail.

How does a Bengal tiger have cubs?

they mate with a male Bengal tiger and then they have cubs its like what every other tiger does

What do panda cubs look like?

panda cubs are so cute there fluffy and look a bit like a kittenbaby pandas look like small kittenswhite and blacklike jesus

Does joe Jonas like sox or cubs?

he does not like the red sox !

What are the cheetah cubs like when they are born?

Like a cheetah but smaller and cuter

Do lion cubs look like their parents?


Does Justin Bieber like the Chicago Cubs?