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Any International team makes the world Cup,Only 32 make the finals

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Q: What are the countries in the football World Cup?
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How many countries take part in the world cup in football?

32 in the actual world cup. 64 countries fight to get into the 32.32 countries take part in the world cup.

How many teams played in the world cup football tournament?

There were 32 countries in the 2010 world cup.

Which two countries have hosted the football world cup twice?

Actually three countries have hosted the world cup twice. they are France, Italy and Germany.

Which host country had to qualify for Football World Cup?

Host countries automatically qualify for the World Cup when hosting it.

How many football teams are in the World Cup?

There are a total of 32 countries taking part in this years world cup.

How many football clubs in Britain for the world cup?

In the world cup only countries take part, not clubs.

Which of these countries has never won the football world cup Argentina England or japan?

Japan have never won a world cup as yet.

How many countries from Europe take part in the world cup football?

Thirteen countries.

Who were the last 5 countries to hold football world cup?

The last five countries to host the world cup are Germany, Japan , France, U.S.a and Italy.

What is the soccer World Cup?

The soccer world cup is a football tournament in which 32 countries qualify to find the best country in the world.

How Many team are participate in world Cup Football?

About 200 countries try to qualify for the World Cup. 32 make it.

How many times has the football world cup been held in Europe?

The world cup was held in Europe in ten countries.

How many countries are playing world cup football?

There will be 32 teams completing in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

How many African countries have hosted the football world cup?

Only south Africa have hoisted the world cup in Africa.

How many countries won the world cup football?

8 different countries have won the World Cup. These are Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, England, France and Spain.

Which welsh amateur football team beat Juventus in the world cup?

Juventusis a club team, they can't participate in the world cup, only countries can participate in the world cup.

Which football team won the world cup in 2002?

The Brazil National Football Team won the FIFA World Cup in 2002. The host countries in 2002 were South Korea and Japan.

Are people excited about the World Cup in Italy?

As football is the countries favorite game , Italy is mad about the world cup. And they want to re win the cup in south Africa.

Which countries scored fewest goals in world In World Cup Football 2010and how many?

Honuras scored to score a single goal in the 2010 world cup.

Which countries world cup football 2006 final played?

It was France and Italy in the 2006 final. Italy won the world cup

Which country playing world cup football and cricket?

The two countries thatplay cricket and football are England and South Africa.

What countries make the world cup football?

any country or any country that qualifies.

Who is the only player to have scored for 2 different countries in the football world cup?

Robert prosinecki

Between which countries world cup football 2006 final played?

Italy beat France.

Is Romania going to win the World Cup in football?

No. Romania do not invest in football as much as other countries do.. So, my opinion is "No"