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contribution of johann basedow

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Q: What are the contributions of Johann guts muths in gymnastics?
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Who is the great grandfather of gymnastics?

Guts Muth (the Great Grandfather of Gymnastics) (1759-1839) He wrote many influential books including carefully chosen gymnastic exercises for girls in 1818. He wrote Gymnastics for Youth, the first book on modern gymnastics in 1793. He describes the use of sloping beams, climbing poles, ladders and ropes along with the balancing beam and the swinging beam.

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Johann Guts Muth- grandfather of gymnasticsFriedrich Luwig Jahn- father of German GymnasticsJohann Basedow- German Eduacator who introduced gymnastics in the school curriculumAdolf Spicies- father of the school of the gymnasticsHenrik Ling- father of swedishgymnasticsFranz Nachtegall- father of danish gymnasticsDudley Surgent- first American to include gymnastic in the school curriculumCandido Bartolome- first of Philippine gymnasticFrancisca Reyes Aquino- mother of the Philippines gymnasticthanks for reading ☺☺☺fb

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