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yellow and black

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Q: What are the colors of the jacksonville suns baseball team?
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What major league baseball team do the Jacksonville Suns feed into?

In the 2009 season, the Suns are an AA affiliate of the Florida Marlins. This is the first season the team has been affiliated with the Marlins. Between 2001-2008 the Suns were affiliated with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer what baseball team was Phil or Phillip get assigned to?

On page 405 we find out that Phil gets signed with 'The Suns' in Jacksonville, Florida.

What minor leaugue baseball team was Clayton Kershaw in?

Kershaw pitched for the Great Lake Loons (A) and Jacksonville Suns (AA) before he became the star pitcher for the Dodgers.

In the book twilight what baseball team did Renee's fiance get assigned to?

Renee's fiancee Phil did not play baseball, he played Tennis. "In Twilight he signs a contract with the minor league Jacksonville, FL baseball team The Suns." -Info courtesy of the Twilight wikia @ Phil located at /wiki/Phil_Dwyer.

What are the sport team in Arizona?

Football= Cardinals Basketball= Suns Baseball= Diamondbacks

What are the team colors of the St.Louis Cardinals baseball team?

red and white

How did the Jacksonville Jaguars get their team colors?

Gold and Black from the coloring of the Jaguars fur. Teal is the color of the Jaguars tongue.

What are Baltimore's baseball team colors?

Black and orange.

What are the Indians baseball team colors?

Red, blue, and white.

What are the cardinals baseball team 2 colors?

Red and white

How did the Jacksonville Jaguars get their team name?

how did jacksonville get the name jaguarshow did jacksonville get the name jaguars

What were the colors of New York Giants Baseball team?

the colours of the rainbow!!

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