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Yellow and black

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Blue and White

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Blue and white

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red and gold

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Q: What are the colors of the Kentucky wild cats?
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Can the Kentucky wild cats beat the Louisville cardinals?

Heck yes why would you even ask that question?!?!?

How much money does the coach of Kentucky wild cats make per year and what kind of bonus does he get for national championship?


When was Wild Kentucky Skies created?

Wild Kentucky Skies was created in 1992.

Are wild cats as fastidious as house cats about stool?

yes wild cats are as fastidious as house cats

What are the different cats?

there is your grandmas cat and wild cats there is your grandmas cat and wild cats

Do all cats have different colors on them?

Cats are many different colors, but not always. There are completely black or white cats, for sure. There are also solid color cats of many different colors.

Why are they named wild cats?

Wild cats are non-domesticated felines that live in the wild. There are 36 species of wild cat. Such animals as lions, tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, etc. are wild cats.

What is a family of wild cats?

A family of wild cats could be some wild cats, but they are family. Or wild cats like the Ocelot (a kind of endangered wild cat) breed with a tamed cat to make another breed of tamed cats, like the Ocicat (and Ocelot breed with a tabby)

What are the similarities between wild cats and domestic cats?

Wild cats are more wild and they strive to find food by themselves, they are also more independant.

Did pet cats used to be wild?

Yes. Cats were domesticated in ancient times, but all pet cats today are descended from wild cats.

Do wild cats eat birds?

sometimes they will

What is Kentucky wild animal?

Established in 1968, the gray squirrel is the official state wild animal game species of Kentucky.