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If you are good at the sport you play then you have a chance to get an athletic scholarship, if you get the scholarship it means less money out of your pocket or your parents pocket for the books and the classes that you take

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Q: What are the college benefits of high school sports?
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Benefits of high school athletic rograms?

the benefits of high school athletics programs are they are great for your college application, you have fun doing them, and you have a wide choice of sports and athletics to choose from

Popularity of High School and College Sports?

The popular High School and College Sports are Rugby,Football and Hockey. Not Soccer as much.

What are the benefits of a high school diploma?

you can get in a good college with a high school diploma

What are the benefits of high school sports?

you become a more rounded individual, you can socialize with ur peers, and it looks good on college applications

What Junior High School is the best?

Whickham school and sports college

Did Joe Biden play sports in college or high school?


What is the different between college sports and high school sports?

um the high school sports has a lower level of compition and less intensity than collage

Did Larenz Tate play sports in high school and college?

Larenz Tate played Basketball in high school but wasn't very good at i so he quit.(high School and Elementary) In College he didn't play sports

What Percent of college students played high school sports?


What are the benefits of big time college sports?

Playing sports in college can help college athletes get better and expand their skills so they can play sports for money. Like how people play college football and have better chances to play in the CFL, NFL, or European football than someone straight out of high school. Same in all sports.

If you dropped out and then came back to school could you play sports?

By school do you mean high school or college?

What school did Steven Gerrard go to?

Cardinal heenan catholic high school sports college

Do you have to play high school sports to play college sports?

yes! offcourse... high school will lead you to college. that's where they can discover you.. Untrue. Every professional sport has athletes that did not play that sport in HS. The Phila Eagles have a Guard who did not play in High School.

What sports did Ronald Reagan do during high school and college?

He played football and was on the swim and track teams in college. In high school he also was on the basketball team.

Why are many high school and college sports teams called the Spartans?

. name after

What percentage of high school students play athletics in college?

I want to know what percentage of US high school athletes go on to play sports at the college level.

What are the high school classes you need to take to be a sports coach?

Your High School classes only have a value in gaining you admission to a college.

What percentage of college students participate in college sports?

2% of high school students play sports on a college team.But that doesn't mean you can't do walk ons.

What percent of high school athletes play sports in college?

1 in 100k get a d1 scholarship

What are the benefits of junior high football?

It can get you ready for high school football then ready for college than ready fro professional.

Can you try out for a sports team once you get to college if you didnt play high school sports?

Yes you can.You just have to try out for that team.

What are the benefits of playing sports in high school?

There are a number of benefits that someone can receive from playing a sport in high school. Perhaps the most important one is that they can feel like they are a part of a community, and they are also able to get exercise often.

What are the benefits between College graduates vs high school graduates?

College graduates can receive better jobs, and are likely smarter!!

Why do kids that play sports have a higher chance of graduating high school and college?

because playing sports teaches you dicipline. sports also teach you to be proud to be a winner. sports also make you goal oriented and to reach a common goal as a team. or it did when i played high school sports

What sports does Derek Jeter like to watch?

All baseball including high school and college. Also Fairmont Firebird high school wrestling and the NFL.