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unlock all rewards

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Q: What are the cheats for the Ricky Ponting 2007 game on PC?
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How much does ricky ponting earn a game?

2 lakhs in Indian currency

When did Ricky Ponting start playing cricket?

he made his debut in both forms of the game in 1995 at the age of 20

What is the cricket answer in Slumdog Millionaire?

The answer was D: Jack Hobbs but Prem Kapoor (game show host) gave him B: Ricky Ponting which was the wrong answer

Who has scored the most runs for Australia in test match cricket?

At Once in one Innings - Matthew Hayden 380 At Once in one Game - Donald Bradman 524 All Time - Ricky Ponting - 11,045

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Try, if you have already, and found nothing, then the game most likely doesn't have any codes. I dont know about cheats but the best player is Ricky Suave Morales of Miami in the game. Holl and Ricky are both the best.

How did Kerry packer changed the game of cricket?

By Getting with Ponting...yeww ;)

How do you enter cheats for ea cricket 2007 PC game?

put the cursor at "MY CRiCKET" and enter the cheat word

What are the cheats for the game how does into game?

One of the cheats for the How Does Into Game is that you can go to a phone on the map and type.

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a cheats are to help you for game like sprt games

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