What are the cheapest bikes to insure?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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I'm not totally well versed on the subject, but i know for a fact the cheaper insurance goes to:

older bikes

bikes with lower cc's and less power

bikes kept indoors (to make theft less likely)

bikes with alarm systems (again with theft)

bikes belonging to people in safe neighborhoods

bikes belonging to people with safe jobs (if you park at a construction site your insurance will be more)

so the bike itself isn't the main issue, but the less flashy and powerful the bike, the cheaper the insurance, but many other factors come into play

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Q: What are the cheapest bikes to insure?
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What is the average cost to insure a kawasaki ninja 250r?

If you live in the UK the cheapest i have found with no NCB then £498 with Falcon Bikes

What are the cheapest motorcycles to insure?

Two Wheeler

What is the cheapest car to insure?

Answer the cheapest car to insure would be an Oldsmobile for sure i drive 1 and it would cost about $431 dollars every month

For insurance purposes what is the cheapest color of a car?

Black is the cheapest color of car to insure. White and red are the highest to insure. The price can vary by about 75 dollars to hundred.

Where can you get the cheapest bmx bikes?

Ebay, craigslist, yard sales.

What are the cheapest freestyle bikes?

Verde or just pop into a walmart or target

What is the cheapest second hand car to buy and insure in the UK?

tata nano

What is the cheapest foreign car to insure for a 16 year old male?


Who will insure a custom motorcycle in the UK?

Carole Nash Insurance will insure custom motorcycles in the United Kingdom. The company will also in bikes that in the country on a temporary basis.

What are the cheapest automobiles to insure?

For liability only, a motorcycle is actually the cheapest to insure. For full coverage, fords are known to be inexpensive and volvo's as well because its been studied that volvo drivers are more responsible on the road vs. a mustang which is prone for getting in wrecks. I saw a list of actual specific cars/models that were the cheapest to insure. 1st is the Buick LeSabre followed by the Olds Silhouette, Honda Odyssey, Buick Park Avenue, Pontiac Montana, Mercury Grand Marquis, Buick Century, Chevy Venture, GMF Safari and Olds Bravada. The cheapest to insure will be a sensible, afordable, small sedan with the most safety features and the cheapest engine, trim.

Where is the cheapest place to buy flick trix bikes?

Probally Target unless they sell them at CVS.

What are some auto insurance companies in Florida?

Some cheap auto insurance companies in Florida are Swift Cover, Florida Insure, Insure and Go and Complete Insurance. Of these, Insure and Go are considered to be the cheapest but this will depend on your circumstances.