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Q: What are the characteristics of a parachute?
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What is a small parachute called?

a small parachute, is a small parachute, ther is no technical name for it. :) a small parachute is called a drogue

What causes a parachute to slow down?

A parachute... •_•

Where is the Gcpld - Parachute Branch Library in Parachute located?

The address of the Gcpld - Parachute Branch Library is: 244 Grand Valley Way, Parachute, 81635 9608

What is H c p r a a t e u when it is unscrambled?

The letters 'hcpraateu' unscrambled spell the word parachute.

What is better circular parachute or rectangular parachute?

a circular

How do you make a egg parachute?

make a big parachute

Does a parachute work in space?

No, a parachute requires an atmosphere.

Which is better a small parachute or a small parachute?

They are exactly the same!

How do you get a parachute on GTA4 PS3?

Parachute: 359-555-7272

What is the beast samneric sees?

It is the parachute of the dead parachute guy

When was Parachute Express created?

Parachute Express was created in 1984.

When was The Parachute Years created?

The Parachute Years was created in 1997.