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Q: What are the characteristics of Japanese arts?
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What are some Japanese arts?

some japanese arts are: the kimono, the haiku, the japanese fan, the japanese painting, the kinji, japanese pottery, japanese origomi, japanese comics, and architecture.

What were the only types of martial arts allowed under Japanese occupation?

Only Japanese arts were allowed.

Do the Japanese do martial arts?

There are Japanese martial arts. There are individuals that practice them. It would be a stereotype to think that all Japanese practice martial arts. The actual percentage is pretty small and probably is about the same as in the US.

What are characteristics of performing arts?

ganito un

What is theatre and characteristics of theatre arts?

Theatre/Theatre Arts is drama or acting

What has the author Robert M March written?

Robert M. March has written: 'Reading the Japanese mind' -- subject(s): Corporate culture, Japanese National characteristics, National characteristics, Japanese, Negotiation in business 'Honoring the customer' -- subject(s): Corporations, Foreign, Foreign Corporations, Japanese National characteristics, Marketing, National characteristics, Japanese 'The Chinese negotiator' -- subject(s): Chinese National characteristics, National characteristics, Chinese, Negotiation in business 'Japanese Negotiator Subtlety and Strategy Beyond Western Logic'

What is the Japanese word for martial arts practitioner?


Do the Japanese do visual arts?

yes if i know what your talkin about

What visual arts do the Japanese do?

tai quan doe

What are the significant characteristics of arnis martial arts that make it different from other martial arts?

the Arni's Martial Arts have a rattan stick. while the other martial arts have no weapon

What has the author Mamoru Iga written?

Mamoru Iga has written: 'Japanese egoism' -- subject(s): Civilization, Education, Egoism, History, Japanese National characteristics, National characteristics, Japanese

How do you say martial arts instructor in Japanese?

"Sensei" means 'one who has gone before' and is usually associated with a teacher or mentor. You can call a martial arts instructor 'sensei' in Japanese.