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i wouldn't get my hope 2 high u should just finish school so if you do go pro you can have thing 2 fall back on

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Q: What are the chances of a middle school baseball player to go pro minors too?
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What happens to a professional baseball players' salary when he is sent to the minors?

A baseball player's salary will not change from the Majors to the Minors if he has a Major League contract. There are minor league contracts for those players.

Does a player make more money after being moved up from the minors in baseball?


How do you get into the Major League Baseball organization or the minors as a player?

Try to find open try outs.

How do you call up players in the minors for Major League Baseball 2k10 XBOX 360?

you just click down on the left stick and it should cycle through the minors. you click on a player in the minors and then hit send to mlb

How do you become a pro baseball player?

You have to be drafted, brought up from the minors, or brought up from triple a, double a, or single a.

What are the chances of being a baseball player?

including all the minor league systems there are, the odds are about 1 in 5,000

If minor league player is called up what is he paid?

He will continue to be paid what his contract states his salary is for that year, after that year there is a league minimum that the player is required to be paid even if he is sent back to the minors. If he stays on the MLB squad for the following year, he will then qualify for the league minimum for his remaining years as a baseball player, whether he is in the minors or Big Leagues

Who determines what baseball player gets called up to the majors when a spot opens up?

The way to get called up is have great stats,the best player in the minors who play the open position get called up

Is baseball clinic the same as regular baseball?

yeah, a baseball clinic focuses on fundamentals, skills, and improvement of the player. regular baseball games are competition, you play to show what skill you have and don't get second chances...

When a major league player gets sent to minors does he still get his major league pay?

name one player not playing in the minors but still getting major league pay

What Ryan butler middle name?

That depends on which Ryan Butler since the Ryan Butler that is a politician and a filmmaker his middle name is Townsend however the one that is a Baseball player his middle name is Jerome.

How many times can a player be sent down to the minors?

As many times as the player's major league club desires.