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The chances depend on the dedication of the athlete but ther are millions of people who want to become professional athletes so the chances depend on the athlete

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Q: What are the chances of a college student becoming a professional athlete?
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If a college athlete plays sports what are his chances of becoming professional?

very thin because there are a lot of other good college players and u could just stink

What are the chances of becoming a pro athlete in basketball?

1/100 basketball players only 3/100 play division 1 college basketball

How many years of college does a professional athlete have?

At least one.

What are the chances of a college athlete that is drafted of being in the NFL hall of fame?


What are the chances of a high school football athlete becoming a college football athlete?

it depends how good you are and how committed you are willing to be to it Overall however 5.5% of Senior High School players will get a Freshmen position as a college player.

How do you become professional baseball?

To be a professional baseball player, you have to go to college, get a sports degree, and hopefully get recognized for you good talents and get drafted by an MLB team. The chances are very slim and involve risk taking of not ever becoming an MLB player.

What are the chances of playing professional baseball?

1 in 97 if you play highschool or college baseball.

Who played with Marcus Allen in college and later became a professional athlete in another sport?

Michael Jackson

Can Shawn Johnson compete in college?

Shawn can't compete in college because she is a professional athlete which means she has accepted sponsors. To be eligiable to compete in college, you need to be an ametuer athlete. Shawn had said that she wants to help out or coach part-time in college gymnastics though.

What job did griffin Joyner married had?

Florence Griffin Joyner had several jobs before she was married. She was a professional athlete after graduating high school and was considered to be the fastest woman in the world at one time. She worked on her college campus during college as well. Her husband was also a professional athlete.

Does what college you go to effect your chances of becoming a dentist?

yes, way better to go straight to university

How many years in college do you need to become a culinary professional?

Four years in college is needed for becoming a good chef

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