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Q: What are the causes for a soldier to go AWOL?
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What is an MP's quarry?

an AWOL soldier

What is another word for AWOL soldier?

If a soldier is absent long enough he will be declared a deserter.

What actors and actresses appeared in AWOL to Horror - 1998?

The cast of AWOL to Horror - 1998 includes: Shaun Robert Smith as The Soldier

If a soldier in the reserves does not report for duty is he AWOL?

If you were not at camp or on base at the time then yes you are AWOL big time! If you were somewhere in camp or on base and just decided not to turn up you weren't AWOL, but you sure are goin' to get it! LOL Marcy AWOL stands for absent without leave Michael

If you go AWOL from the military is there a guarantee you have a warrant?

whether there is a warrant issued depends upon how long one is AWOL/UA. If in the Army, a federal warrant for desertion can be issued sometime after your 30th day absent. This will only happen once a soldier is dropped from the rolls of his unit (DFRd).

What happens if a soldier in the national guard doesn't go to drill?

He can be courtmartialed for being AWOL (Absent Without Leave). And unlike active duty, you wont go to jail, you will bedishonorablydischarged and it will be a hefty stain on your record.

What is Absence without leave (AWOL)?

Being AWOL - means you have left somewhere that you were expected to be - without permission. It's typically applied to the armed forces, especially the army. If a soldier leaves the base without authorisation - he is considered AWOL, and would be disciplined on either his return, or capture !

What is the sentence for being awol from the army?

The US Army is full of abbreviations and acronyms. AWOL is an acronym that stands for Absent With Out Leave. When a soldier cannot be found, such as when a soldier is taken hostage during war, he is deemed DUSTWUN pronounced Dust One. It stands for DUty STation Whereabouts UNknown.

Is there a list of marines that went AWOL?

Marines do not go "AWOL" they go UA -Unauthorized Absence- Absent With out Leave is an Army term, but to answer your question "no" there is not a list that i know of.

What cause leper to go awol?

he has a nervous breakdown

How can you find out if someone is AWOL I heard that this person has a serious problem and that he was AWOL He is around a lot of children. I need your help. ?

When I was in the Army, the company commander was required to contact the local sherirfs dept. Most times they were the primary party responsible for locating AWOL soldiers. After 30 days the soldier is considered a desertter and dropped from Company roles.

What is the title of the war movie set in World War 2 where a soldier goes AWOL whilst in Australia hiding with a nightclub singer there's an Aussie copper looking to send him back to war?

go ask your mom