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Q: What are the categories of Mr. Olympia contest?
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Who won the 2013 Mr Olympia contest?

phil heath mr olympia 2013

Who invented the mr Olympia contest?

Joe Weider

Who won the first Mr Olympia contest?

Larry Scott won the first 2

Are athletes drug tested in the mr Olympia contest?

Yes there tested at every conteset what ever it's size

How many times did Arnold win mr Olympia?

He has won the title 6 times in a row. 1970 Mr. Qlympia (New York) 1971 Mr. Olympia (Paris) 1972 Mr. Olympia (Essen, Germany) 1973 Mr. Olympia (New York) 1974 Mr. Olympia (New York) 1975 Mr. Olympia (Pretoria, South Africa)

What techno song did dorian yates use for his posing routine in the 1993 mr Olympia contest?

Carl Orff - O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana

What is the name of most prestigious bodybuilding competition in the world?

The most prestigious bodybuilding competition is the Olympia. The Olympia is a bodybuilding competition only open to those who have won a previous world title, a competition solely for the best of the best. The main category of the Olympia is Mr. Olympia, that is the wolrd's number one professional bodybuilder. Famous bodybuilders who have won Mr. Olympia include Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Ronnie Coleman and Frank Zane. The current Mr. Olympia is Phil Heath.

What Olympic contest was held at the Olympia hippodrome?

Chariot racing.

How many times has Ronnie Coleman won Mr Olympia?

Arnold won the Mr. Olympia 7 times.

Where is the sacred site where Greeks held athletic contest every four years?

Plain of Olympia in Peloponnesos, Greece.

Did Lou ferigno ever won mr Olympia?

No, the best he ever placed was in the 1974 Mr. Olympia, Heavyweight division which he placed 2nd

Who was Mr Olympia in 1967?

Sergio Oliva